How much does website design cost in Liverpool?

Its most likely you landed on this page searching online with the question – How much should I pay for website designing in Liverpool? While searching you must have come across various website design companies in Liverpool offering different costs and must be left confused.

To be honest, determining the cost of a website design project is dependent on several factors and it is difficult to package it into a fixed cost. Most web design agencies calculate the cost of website design projects depending on the numbers of hours it takes to complete it – from initial discovery to the end-product hosted live on a domain. For example, a simple 5-page informational page website takes less time to develop when compared to a full-blown ecommerce website. Some projects require rebranding and not just website design, so in this case, costing has to be based on multiple factors such as the time it takes to create a new brand identity followed by a website.

At Inik Digital Liverpool we start off with a brief telephonic conversation to understand the basic requirements followed potentially by a detailed meeting at our client’s premises. During our meeting, we try to understand why our client is looking for a design solution in the first place and what challenges they’re facing at the moment.

Our discovery session starts off with a basic set of questions that typically lasts an hour or so:

  • What is the objective/business goal of your website?
  • Who is the target audience, their age groups and if the website design project is for a feminine, masculine or gender-neutral audience?
  • Do you have a brand identity in place?
  • Who are your top competitors and what do you like/dislike about their presence?

Once we have this information, we send a detailed proposal to our clients with costs and timelines.