What is the new WEB 3.0, and why is it the next big trend? 

A significant internet revolution is in works that aim to control web content in the hands of its users. Web 3.0 will get established on a block chain underlying crypto currencies, including the big daddy Bitcoin. Also, it comes with a mission to abolish all supreme agents such as centralized government stockrooms.


In other words, Web 3.0 will give its users the luxury of using one account for different social media platforms. Moreover, you can effortlessly switch between apps and social media, browse the net, and shop till you drop.


Furthermore, the new and improved web version is getting built to reclaim ownership and power. Therefore, opening doors for the internet to explore new search engines and networks with content control.


What are the significant changes between Web 1.0 and Web 3.0?


When the internet first made information accessible to the users, content creation was not a prime activity. The entire system depended upon content consumers who composed a bulk of internet users from the start. Usually, the content came in static pages hosted by Internet Service Providers or free web servers. Hence, web 1.0 was a “content delivery network” initially.


As more and more content creators came up with their original ideas, websites started hosting user-generated information. It led to focus on the usability of content. Gradually, internet websites started interacting with their users and gave content consumers a chance to voice their opinions with the general audience in the form of comments. As a result, the internet became more diverse and opened after being subjected to user feedback and opinions. The informational flow gathered more liberty while improving the communication barrier between website owners and users. Some of the new workflow systems that got introduced during the range of web 2.0 are:


  • Tagging different users on content pages
  • Social Networking sites
  • Blogs/Articles
  • Podcasts/ Video Content
  • Voting on web content through user feedback
  • Various Social Media Platforms


The importance of user opinions grew tremendously in the web 2.0 era and is still primarily focused upon that.


WEB 3.0 (In Process Of Development) 


This new revolution focuses entirely on connectivity, performance, and control. We’ve been focusing our attention on web designing and UI designs for decades, and now it’s time to move on towards backend development thanks to the driving force of user interaction. Web 3.0 wishes to dive deep into aspects and possibilities of the internet workflow.


Furthermore, we’ll see how this new version of the web will thrive on user intent. How so? They can collect from their users through different mediums such as voice, text, etc. The internet will then process and generate a tailor-made result accordingly. Hence, a feature will turn data into a shared resource rather than a single entity.




Following are some of the benefits and resources that web 3.0 will provide its users:


  • Users have the liberty of creating and sharing personalized content
  • The content will get collectively owned and shared
  • The prime focus would be on content creation and User requirements
  • Custom content will get displayed according to user preferences.
  • One account for multiple social media platforms
  • New and improved Backend development workflow.


Overall, the hype of this third-generation internet stands its ground. Many websites have already started adopting its guidelines, such as Inik Digital. Inik Digital is a website design and development company known for providing tailor-made solutions and unmatched customer service. Therefore, we’re quickly adopting the new web 3.0 and modifying our techniques and customer service accordingly to showcase great results. An innovative, reliable, and ideal way of staying at the top of the league amidst cut-throat competition. We can’t wait to witness the innovations new Web 3.0 will bring to the market and its effect on online marketing firms and companies.